Commercial Motorized Shades Are As Easy As They Look

Yes, Commercial Motorized Shades Are As Easy As They Look

Sunlight has a way of invigorating us, but it can also sap productivity when it makes a workspace too hot or creates glare that makes it hard to see. Many businesses have taken to installing shades or blinds to better regulate the amount of sunlight that comes into a workspace, but the end result can be a hassle if you don’t the motorization option to your shades.

Commercial motorized shades make it easy for employees or facilities managers to raise and lower the window treatments as needed either with a hand-held remote or a wall switch.

It Really Is That Easy

Yes, using commercial motorized shades is as easy as flipping a switch or pressing a button and Orlando Motorized Shades can help you bring this simple method of controlling employee comfort to your workplace.

We sell and install motorized cellular shades, pleated shades, roman shades, solar shades, and honeycomb shades to match any commercial setting and décor need. Our shades can filter or block sunlight, provide privacy, deflect heat, and look good while doing it. The motorized components are quiet and discreet, providing strong functionality without being distracting.

Custom measurement, professional installation, and a 5-year warranty on the motorization system ensures your satisfaction.

Arrange A Free On-Site Consultation For Commercial Motorized Shades

Commercial motorized shades can help boost employee productivity and comfort, lower energy costs, and provide privacy – all with the touch of a button. There’s never been an easier way to manage commercial window treatments!

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