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Somfy WiFi Controls Bring Automation To Window Treatments

Have you ever been woken up too early by blinding sun or sat down to watch a movie only to realize that light coming in from the window was causing glare? Did you then huff and sigh and force yourself to get up to adjust the window coverings or did you just put up with it? What if there were a way to open and close your window treatments, blinds, and shades without having to move?

There is! The Somfy myLinkTM system, available through Orlando Motorized Shades, brings smart home tech to window treatments. This WiFi-enabled solution turns ordinary window coverings into motorized window coverings! Controls are operated via a Somfy remote or your smartphone for unparalleled convenience.

The Next Stage of Smart Home Automation

Smart homes are all the rage these days. We’ve got apps to control the temperature in our homes, our security systems, doors and points of entry, indoor and outdoor lighting, and, of course, music and ambiance. One area that has been overlooked up until now are window treatments. Smart window treatments are the next stage in smart home automation. Window coverings affect home comfort, function, and security – all three of which are often addressed by smart home tech. Motorized blinds and shades are also simply useful and convenient, making it possible to adjust the lighting in a room (or the whole house!) with the touch of a button.

Our motorized window treatments are available for homes and businesses, allowing property owners to open and close their shades and blinds 24/7, whether they are in the same room as the windows or not. This can help control temperature in the room, improve worker productivity by increasing natural light or blocking blinding sun, and help improve security by blocking the interior from prying eyes.

Somfy myLinkTM includes a scheduling function for truly automated window control and even comes with Amazon Alexa integration for voice-controlled operation! Click here to learn more about Somfy myLinkTM.

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Motorized shades or blinds are a luxury you never knew you wanted, but once you have them, you’ll never go back! In many cases, motorization can be added to existing shades and blinds, but we offer hundreds of styles, patterns, and fabrics if you want to update your look with new window treatments.

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