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Room Darkening Shades Are Perfect For Long Summer Days

Summer is in full swing and that means long hours of daylight. There’s no doubt that we love the sun here in the Sunshine State, but sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. The early sunrises and late sunsets of summer can interrupt your sleep schedule and leave you feeling tired and cranky.

Room darkening shades can help you get better sleep by blocking out the sun’s rays when you’re trying to get some shut-eye. But these blackout shades work well in other rooms of the house too.

Room Darkening Shades for Work and Play

If you’re working from home more than usual this summer, you might be dealing with glare or sun coming in the windows during your workday. This can reduce productivity, causing eye strain and headaches. Room darkening shades can reduce the amount of light coming in making it a more comfortable working environment.

Do social distancing recommendations have you binge-watching more than usual? If so, you know how much a too bright room can distract from a great show! Add some blackout shades to the living room or entertainment room for a better watch experience. Add motorization to your shades for a true movie-going experience.

More time at home might have made you realize just how open to the public your windows are. Room darkening shades do more than block unwanted light, they block prying eyes too. Add them anywhere the windows are just a little too open to the public. Roman shades, cellular shades, or honeycomb shades elevate the look of any room and can also provide energy-saving benefits.

Shop For Room Darkening Shades At Orlando Motorized Shades

Orlando Motorized Shades carries an enormous selection of fabrics and colors so you can design room darkening shades that will blend in or enhance the décor in any room. We carry several shade styles and all of our products are custom-designed to your windows for a perfect fit. Add a wireless motorized function to any shade for ease of use or to clover those hard-to-reach windows.

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