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Reduce Solar Heat Gain With Motorized Solar Shades

Windows are a must in homes and business buildings. They let in light, fresh air, and allow those inside to see what is going on outside the four walls. But they can also be a tremendous energy hog, accounting for as much as a 30% loss in heating or cooling energy due to solar gain.

Solar gain, or solar heat gain, is the term used to describe the increased temperature of a space due to solar rays or solar radiation. If you notice a significant increase in a room’s temperature on a sunny day, you’ve got solar gain. Here in the Sunshine State that can drive up energy usage and send cooling bills soaring.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce solar gain that don’t involve buying new windows or blocking out the sun entirely. Solar shades are one option.

Solar Shades Let Light In But Keep Heat Out

Solar shades look like a traditional roller shade, but the material that they are made of is designed to allow light to enter the building while blocking UV rays, glare, and heat. Those inside the building can still see out, but anyone outside will have a hard time seeing in.

The weave of the fabric determines the shades opacity as well as how much heat it lets in. Fabrics with a dense weave reflect more heat, reduce glare the most, and let in less light than fabrics with a lower weave density. Orlando Motorized Shades carries a wide variety of solar shade fabrics that allow property owners to choose the amount of light they want to let into their buildings.

Motorization Supports Energy Savings

By adding motorization to solar shades, home and business owners can realize even greater energy savings. Motorized shades open and close at the push of a button making it easy to let in light or prevent heat gain. Our motorization system operates via remote control or phone app, so you can set a schedule for the shades to raise and lower or even manage shades when you’re away from the home or office! There is no better way to manage privacy, natural lighting, or to fight solar heat gain!

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