Popular Roman Shade Styles: Which One Is Right For Your Look?

Popular Roman Shade Styles: Which One Is Right For Your Look?

Roman shades are an increasingly popular type of window treatment. The wide variety of fabrics, ease of use, and clean, stylish look have all contributed to their rise in popularity. One thing we’ve noticed here at Orlando Motorized Shades is how surprised our customers are when we start to explain their Roman shade choices. Many homeowners don’t realize that Roman shades are available in several different styles, which really expands your decorating options!

Here’s a quick look at the three most common Roman shade styles.

3 Common Roman Shade Styles

Although all Roman shades share some characteristics like material choices, construction, fixed or moveable construction, and motorized options, they do differ in appearance – and we all know that how a window treatment looks can make or break a room! Read on to learn more about Roman shade styles so you can choose the best style for your room.

  1. Flat is the most common Roman shade style and likely the one that first comes to mind when you hear the term. Flat shades fold up and down when raised or lowered. They produce clean, straight lines similar to pleated shades or horizontal blinds, so there’s no need to adjust the shade when you open or close it. These are a great choice if you like easy care operation and a streamlined look.
  2. Relaxed shades are less formal than Flat varieties, purposely designed to give off a more casual, carefree vibe. When raised or lowered, these shades will need some adjustment along the folds to obtain the look you want, but over time the folds will hold and there will be less adjustment needed. Relaxed roman shades work well in bedrooms and in areas where an “artfully messy” is desired.
  3. Balloon shades are known by a couple of different names including Tulip and London styles. These shades “balloon” down and out, creating a lusher, filled-out look than other styles. Because of this, balloon shades require the most fabric to construct and will need to be adjusted every time they are open or closed to achieve that just right look. These styles work well as valances or in areas where they can remain in fixed positions.

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