Motorized Tilt Blinds

Yes! We can even motorize wood and faux wood blinds.

When you live in Florida, having motorized tilt blinds from Orlando Motorized Shades is an easy way to control heat and light. Both can be oppressive in Florida and manually tilting up the vanes or pulling up the whole blind can be time-consuming. The sun can also stain your furniture with too much exposure. By incorporating motorization made possible by Somfy®, you can make your home or office cool, neat, and comfortable and protect your furniture with the simple adjustment at a wall panel or with a remote to:

  • Raise or lower the blind to allow an unobscured view of the window
  • Tilt the vanes in a direction to block the sun or to divert it up or down
  • Minimize your energy usage from reliance on air-conditioning with the touch of a button
  • Eliminate dangerous cords that pose a hazard to children and pets

Having motorized tilt blinds is a great way to assure compliance with Marine Turtle Protection ordinances by controlling light on beaches and properties near the coast and protect wildlife.

Effortless Automation

By incorporating light-sensing technology plus automation on your blinds, you can even have the blinds tilt in the proper position or raise or lower according to on schedule. This feature will give your home or office a neat and professional appearance without you having to do anything except set the timer. This is perfect if you are away from home during the day, as you can always plan on directing the sun and heat away from your home to keep it cool and preserve your furniture. If you will be away for an extended amount of time, you can assure that your home has a lived-in look.

Somfy® blinds from Orlando Motorized blinds are wireless, so that even if you have multiple bllinds, you can operate them all with a single porch of the “My” function on the remote. The blinds also work with home automation and smart phone applications.

Beautifying Your Home With Motorized Tilt Blinds

The convenience of motorized tilt mechanism comes in two of the most popular types of blinds:

  • Wood blinds
  • Faux wood blinds

Whether you prefer a rich wood tone or colored slat for more contemporary look, you can get the appearance you love made more convenient by having a sturdy Somfy® motor to do the heavy lifting even on the heaviest of wood window treatments.

Get Started Today

Add effortless motorized tilt blinds to your home today. To get started, request a free in-home consultation. A design representative will show you your color and style options, measure your home and offer you a free estimate. When the product is ready, we will professionally install your new window treatments.