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Here in the Sunshine State sunlight can be an unwelcome distraction causing glare and overheating in the workplace. Employee discomfort can lead to lower productivity and customers and clients can be turned off by constantly squinting against the sun.

Motorized shades offer the ideal solution for commercial properties, helping to control natural lighting, glare, and privacy, and even offering energy efficiency benefits. Orlando Motorized Shades installs commercial motorized shades throughout Central Florida to help businesses of all types beautify and enhance their working environment.

Benefits Of Our Commercial Motorized Shades

Motorized shades eliminate the need for manually opening and closing commercial window treatments. Motorized shades are:

Convenient. Push-button, wireless controls allow users to place shades in just about any location, even high windows that are hard to reach.

Smart. Our commercial motorized shades and blinds are compatible with many of today’s smart building features and smartphone apps.

Attractive. Shades are available in all of today’s most popular colors and styles that include: Cellular, Honeycomb, Pleated, Roman, and Solar.

Easy Care. High-quality fabric and vinyl offerings require no special treatment. Simply wipe clean, vacuum, or dust as needed.

Customized. All of our commercial blinds and shades are measured on-site and customized to your exact needs. We measure, order, and install for you.

Warranted. Our wireless motorized system includes a full 5-year warranty. Installation includes a 1-year warranty.


Where To Install Motorized Shades

Our commercial shades and blinds are suitable for any type of business.

Office complexes and property management facilities.

Hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.


Retail locations.

Public facilities including libraries, police stations, and city halls.

Hotels, training facilities, and events centers.

Motorized shades are an excellent way to provide privacy, reduce sunlight and/or block the sun.

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