Cellular shades are a versatile type of window covering where materials are glued together to form a honeycomb design that increases their energy-saving qualities. Sometimes called honeycomb shades, they have cells that create a honeycomb design to prevent air from entering the home or building. Made from thick cellular fabrics, they also filter the light. When motorized by Orlando Motorized Shades, they are an excellent way to ensure the Florida heat and sun are kept at bay automatically.

This product typically has one layer of honeycomb shaped cells, in contrast to those referred to as honeycomb shades which often have two layers. (The two names are often interchangeable.) Each honeycomb stacks on top of the other create a single cell whereas double celled models have cells that are intertwined.

What You’ll Love About Cellular Shades

While the energy-saving qualities draw many people to choose cellular shades, there are many other benefits as well.

• Horizontal or vertical styles fit square or rectangular windows of all sizes, as well as patio doors
• Great for uniquely shaped windows and skylights, octagons, arches, bay windows, angle windows, and corner treatments
• Perfect for top down/ bottom up configurations that allow lowering from the top or raising from the bottom to balance privacy and lights
• Wide range of over 1,000 colors from neutrals
• Single cell models offer several cell sizes to please your aesthetic preferences
• Great performance at less cost than double celled honeycomb model

Why Go Motorized?

When equipped with Somfy® motors, cellular shades become even more convenient to operate. Adjusting tops and bottoms to the perfect height is a snap.

To see how cellular shades can offer the blend of style and efficiency you see, contact Orlando Motorized Shades today. Our consultant will visit your home to offer design suggestions, show you our line of suitable products, measure your windows, and provide an estimate for your cellular shades. Once they have arrived, we will professionally install them and instruct you on how to use the remote to get the window affect you want.