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Is Your House Too Hot? Solar Shades Can Help Reduce Interior Heat

Does the arrival of the height of summer cause you to feel resigned to uncomfortably hot rooms – especially on really sunny days? If so, your windows may have a high degree of heat transference or heat transfer. Heat transfer happens when air temperatures are different inside and outside the home. Warm air from outside travels through the glass to heat up the inside of the home. The transference is even greater when the sun is shining right into the room.

Your go-to solution might be to lower the thermostat so your air-conditioner kicks in and counteracts the extra heat, but that’s an expensive solution over time and it’s not effective unless the A/C is actually running. A more effective long-term solution is to install solar shades on those sunny windows.

Solar Shades Keep Rooms More Comfortable

Solar shades are created with special fabrics that actually block UV rays and sunlight. Instead of entering your home through the windows, the sunlight and heat are reflected back into the atmosphere. This helps the room to maintain a more even temperature and prevents UV rays from damaging flooring and furniture. These specialty shades also reduce glare and provide light control. Solar shades are see-through from the inside. So you will be able to enjoy the view, just without the glare or heat!

Solar shades can be used in residential and commercial settings to help regulate room temperature, reduce air-conditioner use, or maintain privacy.

We often recommend solar shades to our customers who:

  • have south or west-facing rooms
  • need to reduce glare in a home office or business setting
  • want more privacy, but still want to see outside

Solar shades can be motorized for added convenience. This feature is particularly helpful if managing sunlight is your main concern. The shades can easily be opened or closed as the sun moves across the sky to help you take advantage of the sun’s natural heat to warm up a chilly room or prevent that heat from making the room too hot.

Create A More Functional, Comfortable Environment With Our Solar Shades

As always at Orlando Motorized Shades, every order is customized to your specifications. Your solar shades will be tailor-made to your window size, your preferred color, and style, and with any add-ons, you desire such as cordless lift or motorization. Arrange a free consultation to learn more about our solar shade options by calling (407) 977-0886 or schedule online.