Inside Cellular Shades: How Honeycomb Designs Improve Energy Efficiency

Inside Cellular Shades: How Honeycomb Designs Improve Energy Efficiency

Cellular shades are known for being among the most energy-efficient shades on the market. The reason for that is found in the design of the shades.

Cellular Shade Design Is The Secret To Energy Savings

Cellular shades consist of two pieces of fabric that are glued together at certain points but left unattached at others to form a honeycomb design or air pocket in between the two layers. The honeycomb shaped opening helps protect rooms from heat gain or heat loss by trapping air in between the two pieces of fabric. The trapped air acts as an insulator and temperature regulator. It blocks outside air from coming in to the house and prevent inside air from escaping through the window.

This is important since most heat loss/gain occurs through the windows of a home. In the summer, heat from outside and intense sunlight can warm up a room very quickly and cause A/C units to work almost continuously to maintain the home’s temperature. In winter, the opposite happens, with warmer indoor air, trying to escape through the window to the cooler outside air.

Cellular shades are so effective at preventing heat transfer that they can boost a window’s R-value by anywhere from 3.50 to 5.00.

Fabric Selection Plays A Role Too

Cellular shades and, in particular, the pockets of air inside the shades, provide insulating benefits by preventing this transfer of air. But supporting those insulation benefits are the fabrics used in cellular shades. Thicker, more opaque fabrics can further reduce heat transfer and filter sunlight, which can warm up a room all by itself. Thinner fabrics let in more light and are a good choice for rooms that face north or east or don’t get a lot of direct sunlight.

Start Enjoying Energy Savings With Cellular Shades

No matter what kind of fabric you choose, the cellular shades at Orlando Motorized Shades will transform the look and feel of a room – how much it is transformed is up to you. We have thousands of fabrics to choose from, allowing you to select the absolute perfect shades for every room of your home.

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