Frequently Asked Questions

Somfy® Systems, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing of strong, intelligent and quiet motors for both interior and exterior window coverings. For more than four decades, engineers at Somfy® have been designing products for both the residential and commercial markets to motorize window coverings such as interior shades, wood blinds, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, exterior solar screens, projection screens and more. Somfy® motorization systems are easily integrated with security, HVAC, and lighting systems, providing total home or building automation. Somfy® recently celebrated the production and sales, throughout the world, of 100 million motors since 1969. This accomplishment further reinforces Somfy® is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of interior and exterior window covering motors.

Are the motorized shades controlled by a wireless remote?

Yes motorized shades can be controlled by either a hand held remote or a wall switch. Both use RF, radio frequency technology, and can be used anywhere in the room without the need to point directly at the motor.

How many Somfy® wireless remotes can be used in the same home?

You can have an unlimited numbering remotes. Multiple remotes can be programmed to operate the same motors.  There is also the option to add automatic timers and automatic sun sensors to control your window treatments.

Is Somfy® wireless a preferred device my Orlando Motorized Shades?

Yes, we use Somfy® products because they have a proven track record of providing the highest quality motors and controls in the industry. Somfy® is the leading manufacturer of motorized products for the window fashion industry.  We want to provide you with only the best and that is why we select Somfy® and our motor supplier.

How quiet are the Somfy® motors?

Uniform quiet operation in both the up and down directions under 40dBA. Sound level measured at 3 feet from end product at maximum rated torque.

I already have roller shades in my home, can I convert these to a wireless motorized system?

Most roller shades that are manually operated can be converted to motorized with a few simple changes.  Please call and speak with one of our motorization specialists if you’re interested.

I lost my Somfy® remote control, how do I get a replacement?

Getting a replacement remote is simple.  All you will need to do is give us a call and we can order a replacement for you.  We can also program all your window blinds or shades to work with the new remote. Programming charges will apply.

I want one Somfy® remote to control multiple windows, is this possible?

Somfy® offers multiple options, is several colors, to remote control their motors.  Control up to 16 motors individually or group multiple motors together.  The possibilities are abundant.

What is the warranty on installation?

Kelsie’s Blinds provides a full 1 year warranty on any product installed by one of our trained professional installers.  We warranty the re-installation of any product we install, up to 1 year from the original installation date at no charge.

What is the warranty of the motorized wireless system?

Somfy carries a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Warranty replacement does not include any labor costs associated with any manufacturers defective products.

What is the wireless range of the Somfy® system?

Somfy® remotes and wall switches have a range of approximately 50 feet.

How long does it normally take to install my new motorized shades?

Typical time from ordering to installation is roughly 2-3 weeks.  We have rush options available and these are on a case by case decision.