Easy Care, Classy Looks Define Faux Wood Blinds

Easy Care, Classy Looks Define Faux Wood Blinds

If you are looking for window blinds that look great, are budget-friendly, and easy care, look no further than faux wood blinds. These are not the cheaply made, obviously fake wood blinds you may remember from your childhood. Today’s faux wood blinds are elegant, classy, and smart choice for savvy-decorators.

Faux wood blinds look and feel like real wood blinds without the drawbacks. Namely, they won’t warp in sun, humidity, or water like real wood. They’re also more resilient than real wood and easier to care for. Faux wood blinds are made of moisture-proof, UV-coated vinyl to withstand many different rigors and stand up to regular cleaning.

They are particularly popular with budget-conscious decorators who want the classic look of wooden blinds, but need to maximize their budget. The cost savings is usually the top reason why homeowners choose faux wood over wood blinds. Many of our clients who end up choosing faux wood blinds use the cost savings to add motorization options, like motorized tilt functions.

Where to Use Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds will work in any room of the home and can be used anywhere you want that real wood look, but they are a particularly good choice in kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms or very sunny windows. Parents love the fact that faux wood blinds can be wiped down with a cloth or duster or even washed in the bathtub with soap and water without damaging the blinds!

Shop Faux Wood Blinds At Orlando Motorized Shades

Orlando Motorized Shades offers faux wood blinds in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to meet any décor need. Motorized options can be added to any blind for added convenience. We offer in-home consultations with a design consultant to ensure your new custom blinds are the perfect complement to your home.

See just how impressive (and affordable!) faux wood blinds can be by scheduling a design consultation with Orlando Motorized Shades. Call (407) 977-0886 to arrange a free on-site consultation for your home or business.