Complete Your Smart Home With Motorized Shades

Complete Your Smart Home With Motorized Shades

Smart homes and smart home tools continue to dominate the conversation about homes. A smart home is defined by the use of Internet-enabled devices that can be used to control features and functions in the home. There are smart devices that control a home’s HVAC system, security system, lighting, sound/home theater, and even appliances.

One smart home feature that often gets glossed over is motorized blinds and shades! If you are interested in making the day-to-day management of your home easier (and smarter!) you’ll want to take a second look at the options available from Orlando Motorized Shades!

How Motorized Shades Work

In the past, motorized window treatments were operated with remotes that only worked over a very short distance. Those days are long gone; at Orlando Motorized Shades, we use the Somfy brand controller, myLinkTM, which turns any smartphone or tablet into a remote control for motorized shades. myLinkTM can even be used with Alexa to control your window treatments via voice command. You can learn more about the benefits of myLinkTM in a previous blog post here.

This unique technology allows you to control your window coverings from anywhere and at any time. The convenience, safety, and privacy benefits of this kind of remote access to your window coverings are enormous. Now, you can open and close your blinds or shades with the press of a button using the remote, by asking Alexa to do it for you, or by using your smartphone. The technology even allows users to set schedules. You can start your day by waking up to natural sunlight as your pre-programmed shades open on their own. Likewise, in the dark days of winter, your blinds can be set to close on their own before you even get home.

When coupled with other smart home tech like lighting and heating or cooling systems, motorized shades keep homes more comfortable every day and improve home security, even when you’re out of town.

Don’t forget the convenience factor. Even when you are home, it can be a chore to open and close the window coverings every day. Some windows are quite high or access to cords inconvenient. If you have small children in the house, you’ll want to eliminate as many cords as you can and even older homeowners can appreciate not having to handle cords every day.

Motorized shades are also an excellent option for offices and commercial properties as well.

Add Motorized Shades To Your Smart Home Tech With A Call To Orlando Motorized Shades

Are you ready to add motorization to your window coverings? Contact Orlando Motorized Shades for a quote! We install new motorized shades and motorized blinds but, in many cases, we can also add motorization options to existing window treatments. Arrange a free on-site consultation today by calling (407) 977-0886.