Commercial Motorized Shades Reduce Energy Costs and Boost Employee Productivity

Commercial Motorized Shades Reduce Energy Costs and Boost Employee Productivity

One of the most common comments we hear from our commercial clients is how surprised they are at the effects that commercial motorized shades have had on their working environment. Many of them go in to the project expecting to update the look of their office, but they end up getting so much more.

Benefits of Commercial Motorized Shades in the Office

Commercial motorized shades are a must in sunny Florida. Not only do they provide privacy and complete the look of a room, but they also protect the building and its occupants from the damaging and distracting effects of the sun. Four of the top benefits of motorizes shades in the office are:

  1. Energy Savings. You don’t have to buy energy-efficient motorized shades, but why wouldn’t you? We carry hundreds of fabrics that help block UV rays and heat transfer for reduced reliance on air conditioning.
  2. Improved Comfort. Shades that reduce heat transfer keep room temperatures more constant and comfortable while also minimizing glare and the accompanying eye strain. Fabrics are available in different weaves and opacity from sheer to blackout and everything in between.
  3. Employee Productivity. Natural light is wonderful, but sometimes it has to be managed. Overly warm rooms, glare, and light shining directly in your eyes can all sap productivity. Motorized shades can help manage these issues to keep employees more comfortable and productive. 
  4. Convenience. Our commercial motorized shades solutions are simple to use. Just the push of a button raises and lowers shades. Our Somfy system can even be set up to put the shades on a timer or used remotely from a smartphone.

We have installed commercial motorized shades in all types of businesses and all sizes in Orlando, Orange County and the surrounding areas. The one thing all of our customers have in common is total satisfaction with their new motorized window treatments!

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