Commercial Motorized Shades Promote Comfort In Senior Settings

Commercial Motorized Shades Promote Comfort In Senior Settings

Motorized shades and motorized blinds are becoming increasingly popular in senior settings. 55+ active communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities as well as hospital and hospice centers have all tuned in to this no-fuss way to manage privacy and comfort. They are being used in many different types of settings from private apartments and residences to public gathering spaces and even medical care facilities.

Why Motorized Shades and Blinds Make Sense For An Aging Population

It’s easy to see why motorized shades and blinds have made such inroads with this segment of the population.

  • Ease of Operation. Motorized window coverings are simple and easy to operate; with just the press of a button window treatments open and close – either fully or partially. This has been especially helpful for seniors who have arthritis or have lost manipulative abilities in their hands.
  • Safety. Adult children of seniors and other caregivers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their senior won’t be climbing step stools to open and close shades on high windows.
  • Wireless Controls. Our Somfy® wireless system means window coverings can be managed from the house or from afar. This can be particularly helpful in situations where seniors have memory lapses and forget to open or close their window coverings. A caregiver can easily check and manage the process for them.
  • Versatile. Our motorized shades and blinds work in a wide variety of settings from private homes and apartments to public spaces and even medical facilities. It’s your choice if you want to have motorized shades or motorized blinds – or maybe you want to mix and match – shades in the bedroom, blinds in the kitchen!
  • Stylish. At Orlando Motorized Shades you have many more choices than simple white blinds and shades. Browse hundreds of colors, styles, and designs to find products that enhance the décor and ambiance of any room.
  • Convenient. Motorization makes is much more convenient for facility managers to control the lighting and privacy needs of a facility. Our system even allows you to set schedules so the blinds will always be drawn at the same time every day saving staff time from having to manually open or close the shades.
  • Enhanced Comfort. Drawing the blinds against the hot Florida sun is a must in the summer months. You can keep rooms even more comfortable by selecting materials that limit heat transfer. This reduces heating and cooling costs and keeping room temperatures more moderate.

What Will Your New Commercial Motorized Shades Look Like?

There are so many options at Orlando Motorized Shades, even for commercial settings. Contact us to learn more about our motorized products and how they might work in your facility. Call us at (407) 977-0886 to schedule a free consultation today!