Commercial Motorized Shades Promote Comfort In Senior Settings

Commercial Motorized Shades Promote Comfort In Senior Settings

Motorized shades and motorized blinds are becoming increasingly popular in senior settings. 55+ active communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities as well as hospital and hospice centers have all tuned in to this no-fuss way to manage privacy and comfort. They are being used in many different types of settings from private apartments and residences to public gathering spaces and even medical care facilities.

Why Motorized Shades and Blinds Make Sense For An Aging Population

It’s easy to see why motorized shades and blinds have made such inroads with this segment of the population.

  • Ease of Operation. Motorized window coverings are simple and easy to operate; with just the press of a button window treatments open and close – either fully or partially. This has been especially helpful for seniors who have arthritis or have lost manipulative abilities in their hands.
  • Safety. Adult children of seniors and other caregivers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their senior won’t be climbing step stools to open and close shades on high windows.
  • Wireless Controls. Our Somfy® wireless system means window coverings can be managed from the house or from afar. This can be particularly helpful in situations where seniors have memory lapses and forget to open or close their window coverings. A caregiver can easily check and manage the process for them.
  • Versatile. Our motorized shades and blinds work in a wide variety of settings from private homes and apartments to public spaces and even medical facilities. It’s your choice if you want to have motorized shades or motorized blinds – or maybe you want to mix and match – shades in the bedroom, blinds in the kitchen!
  • Stylish. At Orlando Motorized Shades you have many more choices than simple white blinds and shades. Browse hundreds of colors, styles, and designs to find products that enhance the décor and ambiance of any room.
  • Convenient. Motorization makes is much more convenient for facility managers to control the lighting and privacy needs of a facility. Our system even allows you to set schedules so the blinds will always be drawn at the same time every day saving staff time from having to manually open or close the shades.
  • Enhanced Comfort. Drawing the blinds against the hot Florida sun is a must in the summer months. You can keep rooms even more comfortable by selecting materials that limit heat transfer. This reduces heating and cooling costs and keeping room temperatures more moderate.

What Will Your New Commercial Motorized Shades Look Like?

There are so many options at Orlando Motorized Shades, even for commercial settings. Contact us to learn more about our motorized products and how they might work in your facility. Call us at (407) 977-0886 to schedule a free consultation today!

Commercial Motorized Shades | Facilities Budget Planning

Include Commercial Motorized Shades In Year-End Budget Plans

The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock of your commercial real estate amenities and make plans for the future. Some businesses find themselves with a budget surplus that needs to be spent; others are making budgets for the next year and still others are planning building upgrades in the years to come. Whichever category your business falls into, be sure to contact Orlando Motorized Shades to receive a personalized quote for commercial motorized shades.

Modern Solutions For Modern Businesses

Commercial buildings benefit immensely from our modern, motorized shades and window coverings. Not only do our products improve the look of any room, they can reduce energy costs, boost employee productivity, and improve overall comfort levels within the building. Motorization options only enhance functionality, allowing building managers or even individual office occupants to control the window coverings with the touch of a button. Commercial-grade motorized shades are particularly useful for large conference rooms and presentation areas or for rooms that have windows located in awkward or hard-to-reach locations. They are also a great solution for internal windows to provide added privacy in conference rooms or individual offices.

If you are a fan of tech assistants like Siri and Alexa, you’ll love our Somfy motorized control system. Somfy myLinkTM includes a scheduling function for truly automated window control and even comes with Amazon Alexa integration for voice-controlled operation. AI assistants are the next generation of mobile tech and motorized shades and window coverings are just part of that advancement.

If you are tired of old, drab window coverings, shades or blinds that don’t work or spend a mind-boggling amount of time opening and closing blinds, it’s time to give us a call. We can outfit your office or commercial building with brand-new window treatments that will refresh the room and your spirit.

Arrange An On-Site Quote From Orlando Motorized Shades

Will this be the year that you finally upgrade your commercial window treatments? If so, call Orlando Motorized Shades today to arrange a free, onsite consultation and price quote! Call (407) 977-0886 or contact us online to get started!

Commercial Motorized Shades Reduce Energy Costs and Boost Employee Productivity

Commercial Motorized Shades Reduce Energy Costs and Boost Employee Productivity

One of the most common comments we hear from our commercial clients is how surprised they are at the effects that commercial motorized shades have had on their working environment. Many of them go in to the project expecting to update the look of their office, but they end up getting so much more.

Benefits of Commercial Motorized Shades in the Office

Commercial motorized shades are a must in sunny Florida. Not only do they provide privacy and complete the look of a room, but they also protect the building and its occupants from the damaging and distracting effects of the sun. Four of the top benefits of motorizes shades in the office are:

  1. Energy Savings. You don’t have to buy energy-efficient motorized shades, but why wouldn’t you? We carry hundreds of fabrics that help block UV rays and heat transfer for reduced reliance on air conditioning.
  2. Improved Comfort. Shades that reduce heat transfer keep room temperatures more constant and comfortable while also minimizing glare and the accompanying eye strain. Fabrics are available in different weaves and opacity from sheer to blackout and everything in between.
  3. Employee Productivity. Natural light is wonderful, but sometimes it has to be managed. Overly warm rooms, glare, and light shining directly in your eyes can all sap productivity. Motorized shades can help manage these issues to keep employees more comfortable and productive. 
  4. Convenience. Our commercial motorized shades solutions are simple to use. Just the push of a button raises and lowers shades. Our Somfy system can even be set up to put the shades on a timer or used remotely from a smartphone.

We have installed commercial motorized shades in all types of businesses and all sizes in Orlando, Orange County and the surrounding areas. The one thing all of our customers have in common is total satisfaction with their new motorized window treatments!

Learn more about commercial motorized shades by scheduling a free on-site consultation with Orlando Motorized Shades. Call (407) 977-0886 or contact us online today to get started!

Living Room Window Treatments | Orlando Motorized Shades

Spruce Up The Most Public Area Of The Home With Fresh Living Room Treatments

The living room is one of the most public areas of the home. It’s where we entertain guests, where families hang out, and where many people focus their home décor. Rooms like this deserve to look their best and the perfect living room window treatment can be the finishing touch that pulls it all together.

Experiment With Window Treatments In The Living Room

The living room is a great place to play with different types and styles of window treatments. They often feature the largest windows in the home and are usually some of the biggest rooms in the home as well. They also aren’t limited by the room’s function like a bedroom or kitchen might be. This gives homeowners a lot of creative freedom to try styles, colors, patterns, and designs that might not work as well in a different room of the house.

Bedrooms, for example, might be limited to room-darkening curtains, but in the living room, you can play with sheers and light-filtering materials, and more! Larger room sizes mean you can go with bigger and bolder patterns and not overwhelm the room too. Since you don’t have to worry about moisture, food, or odors as you do in bathrooms and kitchens, you can splurge on luxe fabrics like silk or velvet without fear of ruining the living room window treatment.

Popular Living Room Window Treatments

  • Wood and Faux Wood Blinds. Wood and faux wood blinds work with just about any type of décor from modern, minimalist living rooms to earthy, natural rooms and casual, comfortable environments. They are a timeless choice that allows you to control light and privacy and they can be “softened” around the edges by hanging curtains up too!
  • Cellular and Honeycomb Shades. Cellular and honeycomb shades are a smart choice for drafty living rooms or those with large windows. If you experience significant heat transfer through your windows, these shades offer a layer of thermal protection while still looking great.
  • Roller Shades. Roller shades have come a long way from the days of pull-down vinyl shades. Today’s shades can go up or down with just the slightest of pressure and are available in colors, patterns, and styles that will have you pulling the shades down more often just to enjoy their look!
  • Roman Shades. Roman shades are increasingly popular in living rooms due to their elegant appearance and carefree operation. Tie them up when you want to let in light and untie them for privacy. There are hundreds of colors, patterns, and styles available to enhance any living room windows!
  • Motorized Shades. Motorization can be added to any shade offered by Orlando Motorized Shades. Once you try motorized shades, you will wonder how you ever lived without them! Just the press of a button will allow you to control light and privacy and make it easier to manage awkward or hard-to-reach windows.

Browse Living Room Window Treatments In Your Home

Update the look of your living room with help from Orlando Motorized Shades! Call us to schedule a free, in-home consultation where we’ll measure your windows, offer advice, and share with you our hundreds of living room window treatment styles and designs. Your home will look better than ever with custom window treatments from Orlando Motorized Shades!

Call Orlando Motorized Shades at (407) 977-0886 or schedule online today!

Dining Room Window Treatments | Motorized Blinds | Shades

Browse Our “Menu” Of Dining Room Window Treatments

So much of the dining experience is all about ambiance. The lighting, the seating, the place settings, the décor…and of course, the menu! But even a lackluster menu can be forgiven if the experience is one to remember.

Window treatments from Orlando Motorized Shades can help you create your desired dining room setting by providing color, texture, privacy, and sound absorption. If you thought dining room window treatments were all the same, think again! Today’s choices make it possible to design a dining room you’ll be proud to show off as often as possible!

Add Some Spice To Your Dining Room With These Window Treatments

  • Blinds. Wooden and faux-wood blinds are an excellent choice for light control and privacy, since it’s possible to tilt the blinds to let in light, but still maintain privacy. They are easy-to-clean, and can be softened by adding drapes or curtains to the window.
  • Honeycomb Shades. Honeycomb and cellular shades are popular for absorbing sound and regulating temperature in the dining room. The 3D design features “cells” or pockets of air that trap both heat, cold, and sound, making a room more comfortable in feel and sound.
  • Roller Shades. The roller shade may be a classic, but today’s styles give it an updated look and feel. Roll it up for light and down for privacy. Want something unique? Check out light-filtering solar shades or patterned roller shades that unveil a design when rolled down!
  • Roman Shades. Roman shades are a versatile choice for any dining room, ranging from sleek and streamlined to casual and laid-back. They can be height adjusted for privacy and light control and are available in hundreds of colors, textures, and fabrics to match any dining room décor.

Add Motorization To Better Control Ambiance 

When you add motorization to your dining room window treatments, you add convenience. This can be especially helpful if you have large windows or heavier window treatments or if you need to adjust the window treatment during the meal due to the way the sun is positioned. Simply use the remote or your smartphone to raise or lower your new shades or blinds as needed! It’s that easy!

Does your dining room need a refresh? Contact Orlando Motorized Shades to schedule a free, in-home consultation where we can show you our “menu” of window treatments! We’re certain you’ll find exactly what you need!

Call (407) 977-0886 or schedule online today!

Popular Shade Styles | Which Shade Is Right For Me?

What Motorized Shades Are Right For Me?

Motorized shades are an increasingly popular window covering choice. They’re convenient, less expensive than blinds, easy to operate, and available in enough styles, materials, and colors to complement any home décor.

When they meet with us, many people are surprised by just how many different kinds of shades are available at Orlando Motorized Shades and wonder which ones are best for them. With that in mind, we thought a quick overview of each type of shade could help you make your choice.

All About Shades

First things first, shades are solid pieces of fabric that filter or block light from entering through a window. They can provide privacy, filter or block out light, and roll up to the top of the window to store tidily away when not in use. At Orlando Motorized Shades we offer shades in many different materials from cotton or polyester to linen. Special coatings are available to help resist stains, make cleaning easier, and to help the shade retain its shape.

Shade Types

Orlando Motorized Shades offers five different types of shades – and each one can be motorized for added convenience and functionality! Learning more about each style’s characteristics can help you choose what style is best for your needs.

  1. Pleated Shades. Pleated shades are a clean, classic choice. Consisting of just one single piece of fabric that is pleated in accordion-style, these shades are the perfect privacy provider for any room. Different colors and materials allow in different amounts of light.
  2. Cellular Shades. Cellular shades are made up of two pieces of fabric that are glued together, making them thicker than pleated shades. The design of cellular shades features several open “cells” in between the two layers. These cells trap air between the two layers of fabric, helping to regulate indoor air temperature by preventing heat transfer between the room and the window.
  3. Honeycomb Shades. Honeycomb shades are similar to cellular shades but instead of one layer of cells, there are two layers. This makes them an extremely good choice if you want energy-saving window treatments.
  4. Solar Shades. Solar shades are made of special fabric that prevents UV rays and heat from entering the home. These shades look just like the roller shades your remember from the past – a single layer of thin fabric, but are better at keeping out the sun. They are a great choice for south-facing windows and warm climates in general.
  5. Roman Shades. Roman shades are defined by their elegant folds. Some designs have a permanent folded bottom, others have multiple folds which disappear into one another as the shade is raised. Roman shades are typically made from light and airy materials, which gives them an elegant look even when folded, but reduces their light blocking and energy efficiency capabilities.

Shop All Of These Shade Styles At Orlando Motorized Shades

The best way to decide what shade style would work best in your home is to schedule a consultation with Orlando Motorized Shades. We can bring samples of each shade style and hundreds of fabric options right to you. Shop for the perfect shade in the room where they will be hung! There’s no easier way to pick the perfect shade.

Call (407) 977-0886 to arrange a free on-site consultation today!

Commercial Motorized Shades Are As Easy As They Look

Yes, Commercial Motorized Shades Are As Easy As They Look

Sunlight has a way of invigorating us, but it can also sap productivity when it makes a workspace too hot or creates glare that makes it hard to see. Many businesses have taken to installing shades or blinds to better regulate the amount of sunlight that comes into a workspace, but the end result can be a hassle if you don’t the motorization option to your shades.

Commercial motorized shades make it easy for employees or facilities managers to raise and lower the window treatments as needed either with a hand-held remote or a wall switch.

It Really Is That Easy

Yes, using commercial motorized shades is as easy as flipping a switch or pressing a button and Orlando Motorized Shades can help you bring this simple method of controlling employee comfort to your workplace.

We sell and install motorized cellular shades, pleated shades, roman shades, solar shades, and honeycomb shades to match any commercial setting and décor need. Our shades can filter or block sunlight, provide privacy, deflect heat, and look good while doing it. The motorized components are quiet and discreet, providing strong functionality without being distracting.

Custom measurement, professional installation, and a 5-year warranty on the motorization system ensures your satisfaction.

Arrange A Free On-Site Consultation For Commercial Motorized Shades

Commercial motorized shades can help boost employee productivity and comfort, lower energy costs, and provide privacy – all with the touch of a button. There’s never been an easier way to manage commercial window treatments!

Contact Orlando Motorized Shades at (407) 977-0886 to arrange a free on-site consultation to learn how commercial motorized shades can benefit your business.