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Beat The Heat This Summer With Energy-Saving Window Treatments

The Florida summer is just getting started. If you’ve already noticed an increase in your A/C usage and energy bills, you’re not alone. Your HVAC system accounts for about 40% of your utility bill and for every degree setting below 78°F, cooling costs rise by as much as 8%. Relying on the air-conditioner alone to keep your home cool can become very costly, very quickly.

Reduce Heat Transfer For A More Comfortable Home

There are passive ways to keep your home more comfortable and when used in conjunction with your HVAC system, they can also help you rein in your energy costs. One of the most effective ways to reduce interior temperature levels is to prevent heat from getting in the home in the first place. The thermal transfer of heat through windows is one of the biggest sources of heat infiltration. If you can block the sun’s rays from entering through the window, you can better manage the home’s interior temperature.

Energy-Saving Window Treatments

Orlando Motorized Shades offers a variety of energy-saving window treatments that will help keep your home more comfortable year-round. The best choice for your home will depend on the amount of sun you receive through a particular window. South-facing windows with no shade will have the highest amount of heat transfer, while north-facing windows or windows protected by a porch or deep shades will have less heat transfer. Our three top product options for reducing interior heat are:

  1. Solar Shades. Solar shades are made of special materials that filter and diffuse light to block UV rays and reduce room temperature. They are available in a classic roller shade design and are best for sunny windows.
  2. Cellular Shades. Cellular shades utilize a honeycomb design to trap heat in between pieces of fabric, reducing heat transfer.
  3. Energy-Saving Materials. We offer hundreds of fabric choices and colors in energy-saving materials, which means you can design custom window treatments in any style you choose and still reap energy-saving benefits.

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